segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Artigo de revisão sobre a correção de espalhamento em imagens SPECT.

A revista medicalphysicsweb publica em sua última edição uma revisão sobre a correção do espalhamento em imagens SPECT.  "In SPECT one of the factors that affect both image quality and quantitative accuracy is the inclusion of scattered photons, whose energies fall within the energy window selected for acquisition. These photons, which undergo Compton scatter in tissue prior to detection, result in loss of image contrast. There are several approaches to estimating scatter, including direct measurement in additional energy windows or modelling, which requires knowledge of both the distribution of activity and the map of attenuation coefficients (as determined usually from a CT scan). Inclusion of the scatter estimate in the emission model that is utilized during iterative reconstruction is the recommended approach for correction. Improvements in computer speed have greatly facilitated the practicality of computationally demanding approaches. In this paper approaches to scatter correction are reviewed with commentary on the application of these techniques in both preclinical imaging and clinical practice." O artigo completo pode ser baixado diretamente daqui.

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