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Overview em proteção radiológica dos pacientes em 2011 (RPOP)

fonte: IAEA
Review of RPOP website updates and of work of the RPOP Unit
  1. The RPOP website received 45.78% more visits in 2011 against 2010 through about 0.22 million visits.
  2. It continued to appear on First page of Google (or Yahoo…) search and normally on top of first page with most commonly searched terms in medical radiation protection.
  3. RPOP became social with links to Facebook and Twitter
  4. Major part of the RPOP website was made available in Spanish language.
  5. New page on Public Information on Radiation is an essential part of our life added
  6. Poster on 10 Pearls: Radiation protection of patients in fluoroscopy released
  7. Poster on 10 Pearls: Radiation protection of Staff in fluoroscopy released
  8. Russian Translation of poster on 10 Pearls: Radiation protection of Staff  and Patients in fluoroscopy were released
  9. New pages released on Fluoroscopy in Operating Theatres
    1. Staff radiation protection
    2. Patient radiation protection
  10. New training material made available for Free download as .ppt slides:
    1. Radiation Protection in Pediatric Radiology
    2. Radiation Protection in Digital Radiology
    3. Training material translated into RUSSIAN made available
    4. Radiation Protection in PET/CT translated into SPANISH made available
  11. New page on Networks of the IAEA on Radiation Protection of Children released
  12. Pages that were updated: Orthopedics, Cardiology, Gastroenterology
  13. Release of an international Reporting system for events in interventional procedures (SAFRAD)
  14. Patient information page on radiation protection in Computed Tomography translated into Chinese, Russian and Arabic
  15. New launch of a Newsletter on Radiation Protection of Children (Asia)
  16. New launch of a Newsletter of Network of Gastroenterologist in Radiation Protection in Latin American countries
  17. A number of latest news items were posted
  18. The Latest Literature pages were regularly updated

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