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MNE - M/EEG data analysis using FreeSurfer meshes and surface registration

MNE is a software package for processing magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG) data.
The MNE software computes cortically-constrained L2 minimum-norm current estimates and associated dynamic statistical parametric maps from MEG and EEG data, optionally constrained by fMRI.
This software includes MEG and EEG preprocessing tools, interactive and batch-mode modules for the forward and inverse calculations, as well as various data conditioning and data conversion utilities. These tools are provided as compiled C code for the LINUX and Mac OSX operating systems.
In addition to the compiled C code tools, MNE Software includes a Matlab toolbox which facilitates access to the fif (functional image file) format data files employed in our software and enables development of custom analysis tools based on the intermediate results computed with the MNE tools.
The third and newest component of MNE is MNE-Python which implements all the functionality of the MNE Matlab tools in Python and extends the capabilities of the MNE Matlab tools to, e.g., frequency-domain and time-frequency analyses and non-parametric statistics. This component of MNE is presently evolving quickly and thanks to the adopted open development environment user contributions can be easily incorporated.
The Matlab and Python components of MNE are provided under the simplified BSD license.
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